The Fur Babies

Brendan and I are so in love with our sweet fur babies! There are few things on earth that make me as happy as cuddling up with my babies. They may bark a lot when Amazon deliveries come, take up too much of the bed, and stare at us while we’re eating, but they are just too stinkin’ cute!

Stella was Brendan and I’s first dog. We got her when we first moved out and into a small, one bedroom apartment. Brendan’s favorite story to tell is the day that we got Stella. He did not want a dog at all, but I had grown up always having a dog in the house, and our apartment felt lonely without one. I convinced him to go see a group of sweet puppies “just to look”. Brendan always says he knew we were going to be taking a puppy home as soon as he saw them! Our sweet Stella girl is definitely the pack leader at our house, and she takes advantage of the fact that she is the first born and her grandma’s favorite!

Violet was the second dog to come into our household. This time, Brendan was ready for a puppy – our only disagreement was whether or not we wanted a boy or a girl! We got Violet from Four Paws Sake rescue, where her mom had been found pregnant on the street and delivered 6 beautiful puppies – 3 boys and 3 girls. Picking from this stack of adorable beagles was really tough, but we eventually chose Violet and are so happy. She is the spunkiest of the bunch and a total daddy’s girl, but I love her to bits!

We got Oliver completely on accident. I was scrolling through Facebook when Four Paws Sake’s page came up, announcing that a previous puppy they had was taken back to the shelter because his owner didn’t want him. The dog looked so familiar, and it only took me a few moments to realize it was Violet’s litter brother! (They were all named after bugs, Violet was Cricket and Oliver was Beetle, which confirmed my suspicions.) Brendan and I both agreed we didn’t need another dog, but when two weeks went by and Oliver still hadn’t been adopted, I knew I just had to meet him. I took Violet and Stella up to meet him, and brought him home that same day! He adjusted to our household so quickly and Brendan and I still don’t know why his old owners didn’t want him, but we are so happy they gave him up!

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