Romantic Forest Park Engagement Session | St. Louis, MO

From the moment I met Danny and Katelyn, I knew that we would get along! They are both adventurers who love hiking, the mountains, and traveling. I loved listening to Katelyn gush over the beautiful moments of Colorado while Danny admired the far-off look in her eyes. The sweet smiles on their faces while they talked about their plans for the future and their dream honeymoon destinations made me want to travel with them!

These two have such a passion for nature and each other that just radiates off of them. When I went hiking in Hawaii a month after their engagement session, I kept thinking to myself, ‘Danny and Katelyn would LOVE it here!‘ I love that they made such an impression on me that I was thinking about them while I was on my vacation!

We had so much fun walking around Forest Park and exploring all the beautiful aspects of the park. It always amazes me just how different areas of the park can look!

From the neutral colors of Grand Basin near the Art Museum to the soft greens of the willow trees by the Boat House, Forest Park will always be my favorite location spot! I recommend it every chance I get just because I love it so much! Their location was in the heart of the St. Louis Blues time in the playoffs, so we had so much fun chatting about their excitement in cheering the Blues to victory!

The entire drive home from their Forest Park engagement session, I kept thinking about how excited I was for their wedding day! Even now, I still feel that excitement! I just know that their wedding is going to be a good one! May 2020 cannot come fast enough for me, because I can’t wait to hang out with this sweet couple again! I cannot wait to share in this sweet couple’s joy as they get to share the day with all of their friends and family!

St Louis Engagement Session

St Louis Engagement Session


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