Our Anniversary in Hawaii

For Brendan and I’s three year wedding anniversary (eep!), we headed out to gorgeous Hawaii to visit the beautiful islands of Maui and Oahu. Everyone always talked about how amazing the islands were, but I really had no appreciation for just how amazing they were until I was there. The entire time we were in Hawaii, I was texting my mom and sister to tell them how amazing it was, and continuously telling my sister that she needed to go there on her honeymoon!

We spent a lot of our time in Hawaii relaxing, but even more time adventuring! From surfing on Waikiki beach to driving the turns of the Road to Hana, we experienced so many new and amazing things!


One of our favorite things was exploring all the tide pools and the rocky hillsides in Maui! There was no shortage of gorgeous sites all across the island, but these were some of our favorites. This is Brendan’s attempt at taking an Instagram worthy photo of me. He does try his best!

We climbed (well, drove most of the way) to the top of the Haleakala crater! Along the way, I started getting dizzy and seeing spots, which apparently is quite common with the change in sea level. I thought I was going crazy though!

Brendan found a jellyfish on the shoreline and attempted to rescue it by throwing it back into the ocean, however it drifted back to the shore just moments later. Rest in peace, little guy.

One of the sights that was the most beautiful was the I’ao Valley! We got to see a gorgeous, lush mountainside, and Brendan even slipped his foot into a river, which was hilarious for me!

While in Oahu we visited Kualoa Ranch, where Jurassic World and King Kong were filmed! The ranch was absolutely gorgeous and so much fun. (Also, take note of my awesome Disney Crocs.)

Being as Disney-obsessed as we are, we couldn’t finish off our trip without visiting Disney’s Hawaiian resort, Aulani! Everything Disney does is perfect down to every detail, so we thought the resort was just amazing! And we loved meeting some of our favorite characters! (I have the BIGGEST cheesy smile in my photo with Dale.)

We finished off our adventure with some photos for our anniversary! Every year in our anniversary, Brendan and I get professional photos taken. We figured, what better place to get our photos done this year than Hawaii?!

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